Custom Merch for Your Followers

If you're an influencer, streamer or creator, a fun and simple way to instill pride and confidence in your brand is to offer high-quality, "custom printed" merch to your community.

Most options include free merch to use in a giveaway or promotion, and can also include a custom webpage created to showcase your community, brand, & ideas on our website.

Explore the options below and pick the one that works the best for you and your community. Have a question or an idea not listed below? Let's work together and make it happen!

The "Tee Party"!

The quickest way to outfit your group! You simply post an announcement or contest in your chats and social media sites. There's nothing additional that needs to be done on your part, it's that easy.

Your people either choose an existing design, one you've designed, or something special we've created for you. Or, they can add text and/or upload an image of their own, and that's it!

We'll give you three free custom tees to give away in a contest, and the rest is up to you. Let's turn it into an "Tee party"!

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Let's Dance!

Your creativity is flowing, and you decide to go above and beyond and create custom slogans, designs, backgrounds, and more.

What do you want to do? We will bend over backwards to say YES! Let's make iot happen.

Like a true artist, you might create special frames or borders, include your logo or URL, or add a special background or saying to enhance your brand's image. It's time to dance!

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