Lil Sapos - Sapo Sapo

Imagine a world where where sapos aren't creatures hopping around in ponds, but the masterminds behind the curtains, orchestrating a new world order. In this bizarre and hilarious new world, sapos hold the key to ultimate power.

They've been plotting in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to leap into action. From managing global finances to controlling the internet, nothing escapes their keen eyes. Who knew that the future of civilization would rest in the... webbed hands of frogs? Sapo Sapo

  • 1- Tap "Click to Customize It!"

    Upload your favorite Lil Sapo or other high-resolution image. You can add text, & remove the background if you prefer. These example are without a background.

  • 2- Adjust the Size and Location.

    Click and drag the image to create the perfect size and location of your Sapo. Click "preview" to see how it will look once custom printed.

  • 3- Showoff Your Sapo!

    You will soon receive your custome merch bearing your favorite Sapo. Get ready to show it off to the world, and share the story behind your merch and Sapo. SAPO SAPO!