Custom Merch for Your Followers

If you're an influencer or streamer, there's no more fun way to instill pride and confidence in your brand than to offer high-quality, "custom printed" merch to your followers.

All options include free merch to use in a giveaway, and both "The Degen" and "The Whale" options below can include a custom webpage to showcase your community on our website.

Explore the options below and pick the one that works the best for your community. Have a question or an idea for something not listed below? Let's make it happen!

  • Do an IRL "Airdrop"

    Airdrop every minter a custom hoodie/tee with your logo & link on it! The cost is added to the mint price, you don't lift a finger, & you create an army of walking billboards. Your people will treasure you for it! Think big!

  • Contests and Giveaways

    People LOVE contests & giveaways! Hold a weekly contest where someone wins special one-of-a-kind merch each week with your info on it. Limit entry to holders of a certain $ of NFTs/Ordinals, or some other criteria. Be creative!

  • Gain Social Media Exposure

    Have people take pictures of themselves wearing your custom merch & share it on social media. People love the attention, & are less likely to sell if they own clothing or decor with the images in it. Showcase your work!

It's calling your name!

The Flipper

The easiest way to give something special to your group! You post a simple giveaway announcement in your chat and X/Twitter. There's nothing additional that needs to be done on your part.

Your people choose either an existing design created just for you, or they can add text and/or upload a NFT or image of their own, and that's it!

We'll give you three free tees to give away in a contest, and we're off and running. Let's turn it into an NF-Tee party!

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You know you need to!

The Degen

Your creativity is flowing, and you decide to go above and beyond! In addition to your group's ability to simply add text and/or their favorite NFTs, you create custom slogans, designs, backgrounds, and more.

Like a true degen, you might create special frames or borders, include your logo or URL, or add a special background to enhance your brand's image. It's time to ape in, fam!

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Everyone is watching!

The Whale

In typical whale fashion, you do everything bigger and better! Your name is known throughout the NFT universe and you can afford only the best.

As a part of a spectacular marketing promotion or mint/launch, you include one of a kind limited-edition merch for each holder or minter. For a whale, anything is possible. Let's talk.

You go down in NFT history.

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